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The redevelopment proposal has been conceived following a detailed consideration of the needs of the Archdiocese. The existing place of worship will be replaced with a new modern facility located along Broadway Ave, with a new residential tower to the rear of the site.

The current proposal imagines a four-storey church and a 44-storeys residential tower containing 398 residential units. The proposed height is informed by governing planning policy and recently approved tall buildings in the area.

The subject site is located within the Yonge-Eglinton Center which consists of a mix of older large slab-styled mid-rise and tall apartment buildings and newer tall towers ranging in heights from 6 to 39 storeys within the same Apartment Neighborhoods designation of the City Official Plan (OP).

Official Plan Amendment 405, known as Midtown in Focus, provides policy direction in relation to height. The subject site is located within the Redpath Park Street Loop area where heights are contemplated between 35 to 50-storeys.
After decades of service in the existing church, St. Monica’s is facing the acute challenge of accommodating an established congregation within an aging building. Extensive deferred maintenance and ongoing demand from the Catholic community has driven the need for a new church facility. In response, St. Monica’s along with the Archdiocese of Toronto have set out to pursue the redevelopment of St. Monica’s church.
Yes, St. Monica’s Parish will remain on site.

The proposal includes a new home for St. Monica’s Parish along Broadway Avenue with a residential tower at the rear of the site. In this form, the church will contribute a strong architectural presence along Broadway Ave and will continue to serve the community while also ensuring the economic viability of the Parish’s operations into the future.
During the construction period, the parish will be temporarily relocated to an off-site location. Every effort will be made to ensure the temporary facility is nearby and can continue to accommodate the many services offered by the Parish. Once a location has been determined, the community will be notified.
An amendment to both the former City of Toronto By-law 438-86 and the City-wide Zoning By-law 569-2013 are required to implement the redevelopment proposal. Zoning standards related to permitted residential building type, setbacks, maximum density (GFA), parking rates, building projections, and building height will be needed to permit the proposed development.
Your contribution is important in ensuring that all stakeholders are considered in creating a successful development. Our website will continue to the updated regularly, keep you informed, providing the opportunity to participate in surveys and allow you to contact us with questions, concerns or feedback.

Additionally, you will have the opportunity to engage with the consultant team at the Community Open House and City-led Community Consultation Meeting.

The Community Open House is scheduled for September 19th, 2019. Further information will be circulated as it comes available.
The project team is consulting with the Toronto Lands Corporation, who are responsible for managing all TDSB real estate interests for the purpose of redevelopment of sites, land use planning, property disposition & acquisition, leasing, partnerships and the integration of community hubs. This also includes any and all development in close proximity to TDSB sites; including for this project North Toronto Collegiate Institute and John Fisher Public School.

We are also consulting with the Toronto Catholic District School Board and St. Monica Catholic Elementary school who have an existing relationship with the Church.
Yes, the application has been appealed to the Local Planning Appeal Tribunal (LPAT) as of May 8, 2020.

The planning application process is lengthy, as there are many considerations to be made and stakeholders to consult with. However, since the submission of the application in July 2019, there have been delays, due to a number of factors, including COVID-19. As a result, based on advice from our legal team, the decision to appeal the application to the LPAT has been made. At this point, appealing to the LPAT will put our team in a better position to support St. Monica’s in accomplishing their goals for a new church.

The process with the LPAT typically takes anywhere from 12-18 months. Given the delays and changes to how they are operating as a result of COVID-19, these timelines may no longer be accurate. The project team will be sure to keep you updated as we know more. At the same time, we are keen to continue to consult with stakeholders in the process, in a collaborative and transparent manner.

If you have any questions about the appeal or the project in general, we encourage you to submit it through the contact form.