A celebration of faith, community, and growth.

The proposed development for 40-38 Broadway aims to create a building that celebrates the spirit of St. Monica’s, providing a place of inspiration, engagement, community, and belonging for all. This philosophy informs every project decision, helping to focus efforts and resources on the things that will truly improve quality of life.


Since 1906 St. Monica’s Roman Catholic Church has been fulfilling its mission to bring faith to the North Toronto community. Part of the Archdiocese of Toronto, one of the most ethnically diverse Catholic dioceses in the world, St. Monica’s brings together people of different backgrounds who share a steadfast belief in the Catholic Church, and a desire to live with courage and be received with love. The redevelopment at 40-38 Broadway will continue this tradition, providing a renewed space for the congregation to express and celebrate their faith.

Giving Back

Giving back to the community is an important tenet of the Christian faith, and an essential pillar of redevelopment for 40-38 Broadway. The revitalization of the site will ensure that St. Monica’s Parish can continue to support a wide variety of community services, everything from The Catholic Women’s League of Canada and the Bowling League, to the church choir and the Society of St. Vincent De Paul.

Youth Engagement

Growth is a natural product of evolution, and nowhere is that more evident than in the youth programs at St. Monica’s Parish. The redevelopment of 40-38 Broadway will provide updated and modern facilities for the Youth Ministry, encouraging the next generation of bright, young citizens to engage with the community and build a stronger future.